Are you doing what every one else does?

Are you doing what every one else does?

Here’s what I have learned over the years…. most people can run a basic charity golf tournament.

  • Pick the date
  • Pick the course
  • Ask the club pro to get the course ready
  • Ask the caterer to get the food ready
  • Use your charity database to solicit players
  • Use your board to beg for donations

And there you have it – a basic charity event that enables people to play golf in support of your cause.

But there are over 1000 golf events in this city alone. If that is all you are going to do – how will you differentiate your charity? How will the players even remember what event they were at? How will they remember you next year when you come selling the event again?

If this is your charity, cause or business:

  • Shouldn’t you be doing more?
  • Have you developed a theme and are you incorporating that theme throughout the event?
  • Are you providing a way for sponsors to engage in that theme?
  • Have you included the charity’s focus into that event theme or messaging?
  • Have you found a way to help participants learn about the charity objectives (other than a brochure on the dinner table)?

In creating truly different events we need to ask ourselves – what is making this event entertaining or different? What can I do to make it memorable (and I don’t mean have a well run quality event – I am asking what you are doing in this event to create a truly memorable experience for supporters)?

“Running” the event is the easy part. Creating a truly unique event that supporters will want to return to in the future requires effort, vision, creativity and a little bravery.

Or you could just go back to doing what every one else does.