The Return of the 90’s

The Return of the 90’s

Sometimes you can’t get enough of the good ol’ days. But I can’t believe the ’90s are the good ol’ days!

I graduated high school and college in the ’90s! Started working in 1997. Got hired on at Deschenes Regnier in 1999! That wasn’t long ago. Was it?

So for the past little while, people have been getting nostalgic about the ’90s. What did that decade give us? Jurassic Park, Seinfeld, The X Files, and Snapple. Those are good things. But it also brought us fanny packs, boy bands, The Macarena, and dial up Internet.

And speaking of the Internet, 2017 will prove to be another great year for web design and trends. More video, mobile-first, and faster load times! But the web design trends from the ’90s will never make their way back to any of the sites that we’ll design and build here at Deschenes Regnier. And for good reason, read for yourself…


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