The IOC does something right!

The IOC does something right!

With the 2016 Summer Olympics just underway, the International Olympic Committee has been in the news quite a bit lately and much of the news being generated isn’t sitting well with most. The controversy surrounding the testing of athletes and maintaining the integrity of amateur sport has been a much discussed topic.

While the IOC hasn’t been brilliant in handling that issue, they do deserve a ‘hats off’ for their recent decision to curate and digitize the designs of past Olympic Games. Making the most of their Olympic rings by dusting off design work from previous games’ marketing materials and turning them into much sought after merchandise is an idea that will certainly prove successful for the organization.

It’s a perfect example of rethinking one’s own brand – turning something so highly protected that it is not accessible, by letting its guard down just a bit – enough to satisfy the appetite of a willing and ready-to-buy public.

With a brand in need of a bit more love, the IOC has a great opportunity to put some luster back on its image. Hopefully they’ll follow through on this great idea by making sure the roll out and distribution strategy ensures the concept is a hit. Amazing and historic design work should be seen and worn by people from all walks of life. And especially so, because a Canadian design firm is behind this gold medal work.

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