Cyber crime is becoming increasingly common

Cyber crime is becoming increasingly common

Bogus emails can effect your internal communications

Cyber criminals’ skills and creativity are increasing daily as ransom ware and bogus emails from your “boss” have become commonplace in corporations.

A recent article from CBC News provides important background on the trend; reporting that cyber-criminals are hacking into corporate computer systems and using the public profiles of top executives to fine-tune email scams that are duping Canadians out of hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

The threat is real and right now, it is netting millions for hackers. The CBC story outlines a number of examples of sophisticated scams that have been used in Canada this year. While investigators do not have a definitive recommendation on how companies should deal with the threat, one thing is certain – cyber crimes like these are creating an immediate need for organizations to inject up-to-date awareness campaigns into their internal communications programs.


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